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Kidney Stone's Details

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Kidney Stone


Gold Drops
Rend Calculi Remedies

Composition :

# Berberis V

# Cantharis

# Sarsaparilla

# Benzoic Acid

# Lycopodium

Range of Action :

Kidney stones may lie silently in the kidney without any symptom. Severe pain with other associated symptoma appear when the stone tries to enter the ureter from the kidney or from the ureter into the Urinary bladder or when it tries to pass doen form the urinary bladder to the urethra. Homoeopathy a safe and effective care for kidney stone

Dosage :

Mix 10-15 drops in 1/4 Cup of warm water and sip slowly. Repeat every 2 hours until symptoms subside and 3 times daily for 3 Months there after. if taken for 2 Months Continuously all stone dissolve as Prescribed by the physician

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